Chapped lips - prevention and cure through Ayurveda

The skin of lips is 5 times more softer than facial skin. Cracked or dry lips are a common problem especially  in winter. Dry lips look unpleasant, they are uncomfortable can cause sores, pain and tenderness.
 They also intrude various daily actions such as eating, talking, and s...

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How to Manage Hairfall through Ayurveda

Every woman desires to have thick, long and voluminous hair. While some females are lucky enough to have genetically beautiful hair throughout, many others struggle their whole life to find a perfect shampoo, conditioner or mask for protecting their hair from damage and endless hair fall. Hair fa...

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Can overhydration really cause harmful effects in your body ?

Water is a critical element of the body. Nearly 75% of our body is water. Water is necessary for almost every physiological function of the body and it is true fact that our body must be adequately hydrated in order to function properly. In daily routine Water gets lost from our body in the form ...

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Characteristics of vata dosha predominant Body type

In previous blogs we have explained the functions of Vata, Pitta and Kapha Dosha in body. Today in this article learn how these three doshas are responsible for forming physical and mental constitution...

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Here's the reason why you should drink water from copper vessel

You must have often heard your elders advising to drink water from copper vessels or if you are a follower of Ayurveda then you must have read in many Ayurvedic scriptures about usage of copper vessels for food and water. Unfortunately many of us don’t understand the need of using copper ve...

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Ayurvedic Diet and lifestyle tips you must follow to stay fit in summer season

Summer is just a wonderful season with so much to offer, it is perfect time to enjoy vacations, swimming, sunbathing, icecreams and summer fruits.

Summer season is called as Grishma Ritu in Sanskrit. This season falls under uttrayan kala (Northern solistice). 

According t...

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